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Powerful. Robust. Complete. Yet so easy to learn and use. SPERO CAD makes demanding tasks easier with its highly-optimized methodology while at the same moment extending transparent and often automatic access to records information. Line-staff and management have detailed data on patrol activity and dispatch operations at their fingertips.

With SPERO Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and its powerful line of integrated products, communications professionals have the ability to perform multiple, integrated tasks with one high-performance system. Backed by 3 years of development, SPERO CAD continues to meet the demanding needs of PSAPs, law enforcement, Fire/EMS personnel, and other public safety professionals.

Like every component of the SPERO System, our Computer Aided Dispatch was developed to be easy to use and easy to learn. In fact, the best way to learn any aspect of SPERO is to just dive right in and use it. Most people learn the basics of CAD in a matter of minutes and our complete training program takes only two days. SPERO CAD is unique in that it allows each user to use it in the way that works best for them or for the situation at hand.

SPERO. Designed to be as multi-functional as the professionals using it.

Key features of SPERO CAD Software

Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS CAD Dispatch
Incident Entry
Screens configurable by user
Both Command Line and Mouse available to dispatchers
Detailed Unit and Incident status displays
Easily-identifiable icons
Windows and functions differentiated by color
Unit and Incident priority status by color
Pre-Schedule Incidents
Automatic display of location history, officer safety information, and reporting party/caller information
One or multiple officer case number assignments
Immediate access to integrated records information


Whether it’s a call for service or an officer initiated event, SPERO CAD provides the tools to enter the information, dispatch units, and record everything that happens thereafter.

Separate entry forms for the two sources of new incidents simplify life for the dispatcher. Each form adheres to the SPERO credo of providing maximum reference information to the dispatcher, automatically.

Information added to Incidents automatically are available to all dispatchers and to all RMS features.

As part of CAD, agencies can develop standardized questions and directions for dispatchers based on Incident Types.

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