Spero | Home Health Care, Physiotherapy and Nursing Services in Pune

Well trained and experienced doctors (Registered Medical Practitioners) will be made available for home healthcare. Doctors visit patients for evaluation of medical illness, dressing for wound care, stich removal after major/minor surgery, Change the Urinary Catheters, Change the Ryle’s Tubes. They also visit the patient’s home for Intra venous therapy, ECG at home, BSL by Glucometery at home and many other such procedures.

For Whom

Post Hospitalisation/Surgery Care
Physically challenged
Chronically ill
Terminally ill
Rehabilitation and restorative care
Senior citizen care

Sub Services

Doctor (physician Assistant) Visit

Suppository With Material

Nebulization Therapy

Port Care

Debridment Of Wound : Small

Dressing: Medium

Injections ( Sc)

Rt Insertion ( With Material )

Unilateral Tkr Stitch Removal

Peg Care

Debridment Of Wound : Medium

Dressing: Large

Stoma Care

Bilateral Stitch Removal

Enema (service With Medical Consumables)

Rt Care

Debridment Of Wound : Large

Doctor Visit With Glucometer

Tracheobronchial Suctioning


Enema (service Without Medical Consumables)

Rt Removal

Physical Examinations (preventive Check-up)

Doctor Visit With Ecg Machine

Tracheostomy Removal

Suture/stapler Removal 20 or lessthan 20

Traditional Home Visits

Hip Stitch Removal

Icd Care And Assessment

Tracheostomy Replacement (w/o Tracheostomy Tube)

Bed Sore Care Advice - Large

Suture/stapler Removal more than 20

On-going Treatment Of Medical Conditions

Manual Evacuation Of Faeces

Insulin Injectable

V-p Shunt Care

Bed Sore Care Advice - Medium

Post-surgical Care

Intra Cath Insertion

Icd Dressing

Ventilator Support (Dr. Visit)

Central Line (advance Iv)care


Iv Infusion Care

Wound Care Management and Skin Care


Bsl On Glucometer + Doctor Visit

Injections (iv)

Dressing: Large Upto 5 Days

Bladder Wash

Injections ( Im)

Dressing: Large More Than 5 Days

Bladder Wash (in Situ Cathetor)

Ambulance Service - (upto 5 Kms.)

Dressing: Medium Upto 5 Days

Catheter Removal

Ongoing-preventive Care

Dressing: Medium More Than 5 Days

Colostomy Care

Oxygenation Therapy

Speech Therapy

Rt Insertion ( Without Material )

Inj Iv Waiting More Than 30 Mins

Catheter Insertion (without Catheter Cost)

Positioning Advice

Inj Iv Waiting More Than 30 Mins Thrice A Day

Central Line (advance Iv)removal

Catheter Care

Catheter Insertion (simple Catheter)

Pain Management

Suppository W/o Material

Inj Iv Waiting More Than 30 Mins Twice A Day

Condom Cathetor

Catheter Insertion (silicon Catheter)

Routine Ecg Monitoring