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Spero Healthcare Innovations has evolved around the idea of creating a better emergency management software for critical dispatch of ambulances and other emergency service providers. SPERO EMS software is designed keeping in mind of government run ambulance services and other emergency service providers.

The unique feature of this software is that it can be customized as per the clients specifications in terms of expandability and service selections. We have designed a very user friendly as well as environment friendly software that aims at maximizing electronic communication and documentation, reduction in component of human error.

Emergency response system must be seen as a chain- -immediate pre-hospital care, retrieval and transport, en route stabilization care and emergency care at the facility and subsequent follow up.

We have studied the current scenario for EMS dispatch and delivery and have modified to improve upon the shortfalls of the current dispatch system. We are introducing the concept of “Medical Dispatch”. This feature enables the dispatcher decide the most suitable ambulance as per the patient’s condition. This feature ensures that every patient receives appropriate medical help. So the more critical patient’s condition, more specialized ambulance will be dispatched.

Key features of SPERO EMS Software

Introduces the concept of "Medical Dispatch"

Paperless communication system

User friendly software features

Customizable service selections according to service provider needs

Enables tagging and intimation of important calls like MCI,VIP call etc

Integration of MDT's

Seamless process of Ambulance and Hospital selection

Dedicated Emergency Response center Physician application

Use of CAD for a comprehensive EMS response to any emergency

Ability to integrate Police and Fire response

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Services Upgradations